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Site Management

Site Management
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Needham Haddrell has a proven track record with regard to the management of cell sites. Since its inception, Needham Haddrell has had an active involvement in:

  • Rent review negotiation and lease renewals
  • Preparation of submissions to arbitration and Independent Expert
  • Advising clients on the upgrading of existing sites by reference to relevant documentation
  • Advising clients on site sharing rights and negotiating terms for such rights
  • Negotiation relating to the relocation of cell sites
  • Answering queries regarding outstanding rents, access rights and other issues
  • Assisting in the disposal of sites
  • Providing general day to day management of sites
Victoria Needham
Victoria Needham

"Site management encompasses a range of services from lease renewals to meetings with site providers to overcome access issues. Negotiation skills are key to ensuring the best deal for our clients whilst maintaining good relations with landlords." Victoria Needham

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