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Rating Services

Rating Services
Commercial Property

Completion of Forms of Return

In order to arrive at a rateable value for your property, a Valuation Officer may make comparison with similar properties, the detail of which will be obtained via the Forms of Return, which must be submitted to the Valuation Office when requested under the Local Finance Act 1988*

Forms of Return require information pertaining to rent and lease terms and it is important that these are stated as accurately as possible.

This is where Needham Haddrell's knowledge of lease interpretation and valuation principles could be of assistance.

*Failure to return within 56 days can result in a penalty with further possible penalties payable after a further 21 days has elapsed, followed by subsequent daily penalties until the return is submitted.

Submission of Rating Appeals

Needham Haddrell will carry out an initial assessment of your existing rateable value and advise as to the likelihood of a success on appeal.

In this respect, we will measure your premises in accordance with recognised practice and will consider prevailing values to check whether these appear to be consistent with the Valuation Officer's measured areas and subsequent assessment.

There may be an opportunity for space to be used more efficiently and via division or merger, lead to a reduction or an exemption. Likewise, if any alterations to the layout of the premises have been carried out, including those to comply with current legislation, then this may have resulted in a change to floor area and potential reduction.

"A consultation can quickly analyse whether there is a strong case for making significant savings.

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