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Planning Services

Planning Services
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Needham Haddrell can provide a comprehensive service, which is constantly updated in line with changes in planning legislation and guidance, including:

  • Full adherence to the 10 commitments
  • Pre-application discussions with planning authorities and local key stakeholders
  • Interpretation of technical data such as supporting coverage plots and ICNIRP compliance certification and the preparation of planning justification documents in a "layman's" format
  • Submission of full planning applications, applications for determination of permitted development and licence notifications
  • Advising clients in relation to planning conditions, their discharge and when appropriate their lifting
  • Jonathan Haddrell
    Jonathan Haddrell
  • Assessment of the likelihood of a successful planning appeal when required
  • An ability to identify alternative solutions in difficult planning cases to ensure minimal impact to a project rollout

"Balancing the needs of national and local authorities with our clients’ requirements is vital for providing a mutually acceptable solution."Jonathan Haddrell

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