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Residential Property

Home Information Packs are new to the UK residential property market and affect anybody wanting to buy or sell a residential property in England and Wales.

Each pack includes the following information to be collated by or on behalf of a seller:

  • Evidence of title - freehold or leasehold
  • Copies of planning and building consents and building control certificates
  • Copies of any guarantees and warranties for example any roofing or damp proofing works undertaken
  • Replies to standard pre-contract enquiries such as fixtures and fittings
  • Standard local searches to include drainage
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • An optional Home Condition Report

Needham Haddrell can prepare two major components of a Home Information Pack - the Home Condition Report and the Energy Performance Certificate. The Home Condition Report whilst optional, can be a very useful document in the sale process. It provides a prospective purchaser with a detailed report of the propertyís condition. This can assist the home owner in avoiding difficult re-negotiations during the sale process by ensuring all issues are disclosed at the start and as such will be very helpful in reducing the chances of a sale falling through.

Peter Cherry
Peter Cherry

The Home Condition Reportís primary purpose is to report on the construction and condition of the property and to draw attention to any defects that need urgent attention or are serious. Such defects are almost always picked up at some point in the sale process and it makes sense to highlight them at the start so that they do not disrupt the sale later on. Most properties of course will not have serious defects and so the Home Condition Report will be able to reassure purchasers and give them the confidence to put forward a reasonable offer.

For further information please contact our Home Inspector Peter Cherry.

"Despite no longer being a mandatory part of the Home Information Pack, the Home Condition Report proved popular with purchasers and vendors in trials throughout the country and has helped in many cases to make the selling process more transparent." Peter Cherry

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