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Commercial EPCs, DECs and Consultancy

Commercial EPCs, DECs and Consultancy
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Since April 2008 the new Energy Performance Certificates for commercial buildings have been phased in for all commercial property sold, let or constructed.

Needham Haddrell has a number of surveyors trained to produce these certificates and covers Level 3 and Level 4 work.

The Energy Performance Certificate will be based upon a detailed model of the building with its heating, ventilation and air conditioning services.  It will provide a grading, carbon emissions rating and running costs.  The model can then be used to assist with advice for future improvements.

Douglas Philp
Douglas Philp

From October 2008 all public buildings have required a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) that shows carbon emissions of the building over the last year. These are updated annually to show the improvements made.

Needham Haddrell works in the public and private sectors to assess buildings and provide reports on cost effective improvements that can be made to reduce the running costs and carbon emissions. We have worked with a range of companies and organisations from schools and care homes to industrial premises.

"The new EPCs will have a real effect upon the market as the large investors seek to avoid poorly graded property in order to boost their green credentials.  In addition, tax incentives or penalties seem likely for the future." Douglas Philp

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