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Needham Haddrell has a proactive approach to ensuring that a telecoms site is acquired and ready to build within the shortest possible time scale. This approach uses:

  • An in-depth knowledge of current market conditions
  • Experience in negotiating with both private and corporate landlords, as well as statutory authorities, for macro and micro cell sites
  • An extensive contact list
  • An ability to meet client instructions and guidelines whilst providing reasoned advice and recommendations in cases where a departure from the standard acquisition model may be necessary
  • A thorough and up to date knowledge of Landlord and Tenant legislation and a clear understanding of lease terms and their potential impact on the future operation of a cell site
  • Adam Sims
    Adam Sims
  • An ability to negotiate multiple site deals and standard lease terms
  • A tenacious approach to monitoring the progress of negotiations through to legal completion, including regular liaison with solicitors, site providers and their agents
  • Management of site meetings
  • Negotiation of wayleaves and easements for statutory undertakers and other bodies if required

"We provide a tenacious and focused approach to secure the best deals for our clients." Adam Sims

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