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Energy Compliance Work
Residential Property

Needham Haddrell has a number of qualified NHER Authorised SAP Assessors who can provide guidance with ensuring residential building plans meet the requirements of Part L1A of the Building Regulations and that conversions, extensions or renovations of existing buildings meet the requirements of Part L1B of the Building Regulations. Both regulations relate to the energy efficiency of a building.

For new build domestic properties, an NHER rating can be produced to include the obligatory SAP assessment and where required an Energy Performance Certificate. In addition the target and design emissions ratings will be calculated. For conversions, extensions and renovations we will be able to assist with carbon trade offs in order to demonstrate compliance with the regulations and issue documentation for the Building Control Officer.

For commercial property we use the SBEM software to calculate emissions ratings in accordance with Part L2A and B of the 2006 Building Regulations.

Our energy analysis is undertaken via site plans and we do not normally need to visit the site. We are happy to discuss fees once we have reviewed the scale of work involved. A quotation will be given for each individual site prior to the work being carried out.

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